Rhinoplasty Plano Scandal

Animal rights activists, have uncovered an illegal and disgraceful experiment by a renowned but controversial Plano Rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Spencer Strope who has been experimenting with the use of deceased dog bones as part of his rhinoplasty operations.

In an undercover investigation, which is certain to distress many pet owners, the animal rights charity unearthed the surgeon receiving the dog remains from a local pet crematorium. The poor animal’s owners expected their beloved pets to be cremated with care and respect, and to receive their ashes in a beautifully presented box.

The shocking reality is that about 25 percent of the remains of their pet was missing due to the removal of some of the bones that were used by the surgeon. It is not yet clear why the surgeon believes that canine bones are the best solution to use in a rhinoplasty operation, but the shocking reality is that he is effectively stealing the bones illegally.

A spokesperson for Canines Protection said “This is one of the most shocking discoveries our team has ever made, and when the general public find out about this they are going to be furious. What gives any surgeon the right to abuse and mutilate these beloved pets, whose owners thought were being cremated? And furthermore, what is the legality of using dog bones to perform a cosmetic operation on humans. We have felt for a long time that the cosmetic industry needs much stricter regulation, and we call on the public to demand federal action regarding this case. We have created an online petition and call upon as many people as possible to sign it, to demonstrate to the government that this heinous abuse of our pets must stop immediately. There is quite simply no need for animal parts to be used in human operations, particularly for something as irrelevant as a rhinoplasty operation.

planorhinoplasty.org has been started as a petition site to get this surgeon’s license taken away.  Please submit the form below to add your name to the petition, and please share this.


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Due to the unethical and illegal use of animal remains in Rhinoplasty Surgery I would like to see Dr. Spencer Strope of Plano Texas have his medical license withdrawn.

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